Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is WE SENSE comfortable?
    WE SENSE has been designed for efficiency and comfort, it is a lightweight wearable device that residents forget they are wearing within a few minutes of being used or installed.
  • Can I use WE SENSE without a WIFI connection?
    A WIFI connection is required for WE SENSE; it takes WIFI to transmit wetness events to an App that immediately notify staff that a resident requires care.
  • How long does the pod's battery last?
    The pods battery generally has a 3-4 month life, this depends on how many wetness events are detected and transmitted to the server. There is an easy to use charger that is included as part of the wetness detection system package.
  • How do I clean WE SENSE?
    The pod is always to be worn on the outside of the brief and it is recommended to be taken off the brief prior to the brief change, in order to reduce risks of being soiled and or contaminated. In this case a damp cloth with soap and water is enough. If the pod is suspected to having been contaminated with urine or stool, we recommend that a hospital grade peroxide-based cleaner be used, following the instructions of the cleaning product.
  • Is WE SENSE easy to use?
    WE SENSE is an easy to use system that requires minimum training by following the user manual or watching the video training tool. Take advantage of our special offer and see for yourself.
  • Is WE SENSE safe?
    WE SENSE is 100 % safe for residents and for caregivers when used as recommended.
  • Is WE SENSE expensive?
    WE SENSE is very affordable and will reduce continence management costs and labor costs over time.
  • Can I share a pod with another resident?
    Each pod is assigned to the individual resident; there is an ID number that correlates to each residents' pod. In order to avoid confusion and or contamination we recommend that you follow our pod protocol.