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Less time spent in a wet brief
Minutes of labour recovered/resident/day
Fewer briefs used per resident per day
* Numbers cited are averages based on our trials/pilots conducted between November 2017 and June 2019

WeSenseTM is an ecosystem that is revolutionizing elderly care.

WeSenseTM recognizes wetness events in real time, alerting the caregivers as an incontinent product reaches capacity. WeSenseTM also provides reporting which can improve both the quality of care of residents and reduce costs of continence management by reducing waste disposal, unnecessary brief changes and improved staff utilization.

WeSenseTMwill change the way you manage incontinence!

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"Incontinence is unique to each individual resident"
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Using our system provides a chance for residents to be heard. Our data speaks on their behalf by providing information about their individual continence needs which correlates to each resident’s needs.

Incontinence is unique to the individual resident; our system is able to demonstrate that by providing specific data and information.

"Less workload, more care"
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We provide a voice to caregivers who often will not be able to know each resident’s need at a given moment. WeSenseTM is able to detect wetness events in real time. That way, briefs will be changed at the appropriate time versus scheduled changes.

Caregivers can now rely on accurate data and only change residents as needed. As a result, there is a reduced workload which adds a special touch to their care!

"We put the trust back in health care"
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Families want to know their loved ones are in good hands. Through our data, WeSenseTM enables to track each brief change and each wetness event and assures the quality of care has been provided by their nursing home. They can now trust that their loved ones are given the best of care and put their mind to rest.

"Less workload, more care"
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Nursing Homes

Elderly care can be costly. WeSenseTM provides you with reliable data that can tell you exactly how much you need to spend on residence’s continence management which is often less than budgeted.

We are also able to provide you data on each resident’s incontinence patterns. That way you can assess the necessary workload and staff needed. That result in better time and cost management and scheduling, increases team work and boost staff morale.

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